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The method


Bad indoor air is probably the major cause of growing occurrence of allergic diseases. Choked, dirty ventilation ducts with reduced function participate in that dangerous trend.

Many ventilation system never been cleaned, mostly because there were no rational and cost-effective ways to do it.


Now there is one! KEBO Scanservice has a method that cleans efficiently all kind of air ducts. The ventilation system is cleaned in an environment-friendly and cost-effective way, and YOU CAN BREATHE FREELY-AGAIN. KEBO Scanservice has ways of effective cleaning in all types of ventilation ducts. We use a dry , hermetic, chemicals-free method where the actual cleaning is done with an air driven rotating ball, fitted with a so-called air blade. The balls used are made either of plastic, steel or titanium and are therefore suitable for all kinds of tasks. For best performance the ball is completed with a rotating nylon brush. 

Before the cleaning starts, all openings in the system except the farthest one are sealed to provide necessary vacuum and to keep the dirt from appearing in unwanted places.

While the ball and brush do the cleaning, a vacuum is generated within the ventilation system by an industrial vacuum cleaner. All the loose dirt is then sucked out of the ducts and dumped in a sealed, closed system away from the environment, and without coming in contact with anybody. Thanks to such treatment the sanitation can be performed uninterrupted during usual activity -  a must in hospitals, dust-sensitive production halls etc.