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Letter of recommendation. Radisson SAS Hotel

Szczecin, 13.04.2000 r.

Pazim Sp. z o.o. Radisson SAS Hotel in Szczecin had the pleasure to co-operate with the KEBO Scanservice in the period of 10th to 18th February, 2000. The KEBO Scanservice performed maintenance works of ventilation ducts and ventilation devices in following sections: 


- kitchen,
- confectionery, 
- laundry,
- bar-and-restaurant,
- former 'Aquarius Bar'.

The aforesaid works were carried through professionally and with desired quality

It should be also pointed out that the works did in no way interfere with the usual hotel activities, quality equipment was used, timetables were kept, and care was taken of both aesthetics and of creating a positive image of the company. Due to above reasons we hereby our satisfaction from co-operation with KEBO Scanservice and we can recommend it services without any reservations. 

Sławomir Ciechanowicz

Chief Engineer  PAZIM